Boeremark Silverton / Cullinan

We are at the Boeremark, Silverton every Saturday from 05H30 - 09H30 and "Under the Oaks" in Cullinan every Sunday from 09H00 - 15H00!!!



Malawi Peppadew

The Malawi Peppadew Chilli Pepper get almost 2 cm in diameter and resembles a baby tomato. It is more firm than the Limpopo Peppadew. The plants grow very fast and can get over 5 feet tall and are very productive. Like many Capsicum Baccatum varieties it takes a long season for fruit to ripen to red. This peppper can be used in many ways: Sauces or cooking, but it is great when de-seeded and pickled. SHU 1000 - 1500.

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